About Whaea Debi Marshall-Lobb

About Whaea Debi Marshall-Lobb

Rangitāne, Ngāti Kuia, Ngāti Rangi, Te Wainui-ā-Rua and Ngāti Apa Ancestry.


  • Consultant
  • Principal and Tumuaki Leadership 
  • Tai Huki Consult Ltd Attested PLD Facilitator

 Kāhore hoki, kōia te aroha me te mātauranga. 

Debi Marshall-Lobb based in Palmerston North has over 40 years’ experience in Aotearoa-New Zealand’s education system, many of these years spent in roles of a principal within mainstream schools and a Tumuaki within Kura Māori.

Debi brings considerable practical experience from working in various educational settings, including the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors, as well as Special Education and Māori medium. 

Over her many years of continuous service in education, Debi has built a career based on helping students, whānau, Iwi and educators to realise their potential, through appropriate and effective strategies, with a particular commitment to the roles of culture and education.